The Larimer Catering Team

Jacqueline Joves Lombardi – As the owner of Larimer Catering, Jacqueline has been providing delightful delicacies for Aurora area businesses since 2007. Inspired by her grandmother’s cooking, she began her culinary career in San Francisco. After moving to Aurora with her husband, she attended the Art Institute of Colorado and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts. It was not long before she was appointed Executive Sous Chef at the Aurora Metropolitan Club where she prepared a variety of dishes for the upscale clientele.

In 2007 Jacqueline set out on her own and Larimer Catering emerged. She is proud of Larimer Catering’s nurturing environment; the team is free to introduce new menu items and experiment with old favorites. The success of Larimer Catering depends largely on the quality work of the entire team.

Daniel Reskin – Daniel is from Miami and has worked in hospitality for over 10 years as a prep cook, expo, server, and bartender. Now Daniel is able focus his experience on creating delicious food instead of selling it. He is the resident artist and handles most of our luscious platters and desserts. When not catering with us, he is a comedian and you can follow him @DanielReskin

Heather Espinosa – Heather is an increasingly rare Denver native in our growing city. After over a decade in the service industry, Heather recently took her skills to the next level by completing the Emily Griffith Culinary Quick Start program. This intensive course hones kitchen fundamentals and professionalism, but her energetic spirit and work ethic are her own. When not serving up fresh goodness, she can be found front row at every concert and enjoying nature.

Ross Hoffman – Ross is the newest member of the Larimer team. Hailing from Long Island, NY, Ross has worked for countless restaurants and food trucks learning a wide variety of styles and techniques. Hard working and cheerful, Ross brings an enthusiastic and creative spin to everyday cooking. Also a skilled mechanic, Ross spends his free time traveling and enjoying Colorado's winter sports.

Angelita Espinosa – Angelita is a Denver native. She has worked with food for decades . She is Servsafe certified through the Emily Griffith culinary quick start program. She brings an enthusiastic, hard working, fun environment to cook in. As a hobby she loves going outdoors and equally loves doing arts and crafts and is very big on family.