Team Members

Jacqueline Joves Lombardi – As the owner of Larimer Catering, Jacqueline has been providing delightful delicacies for Denver area businesses since 2007. Inspired by her grandmother’s cooking, she began her culinary career in San Francisco. After moving to Denver with her husband, she attended the Art Institute of Colorado and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts. It was not long before she was appointed Executive Sous Chef at the Denver Metropolitan Club where she prepared a variety of dishes for the upscale clientele.

In 2007 Jacqueline set out on her own and Larimer Catering emerged. She is proud of Larimer Catering’s nurturing environment; the team is free to introduce new menu items and experiment with old favorites. The success of Larimer Catering depends largely on the quality work of the entire team.

Daniel Reskin – Daniel is from Miami and has worked in hospitality for over 10 years as a prep cook, expo, server, and bartender. Now Daniel is able focus his experience on creating delicious food instead of selling it. He is a comedian, writer, and actor, his website is

Adrian Mesa – Adrian is a Miami native who draws from his Cuban heritage in his cooking. His specialties include marinating and grilling meats and preparing Cuban dishes. He is most famous for his Chimichurri sauce. He is also passionate about experimenting with different cuisines. As Sous Chef, he is an integral part of the Larimer Catering team.

Kathy Gietl – Kathy grew up in Illinois where her mother was a chef. Ironically, Kathy had never been interested in cooking. In-fact she was working as an accountant in Denver for several years. Like many others, she found herself in need of employment during the recession. Armed with a strong sense of determination and the impression of her mother’s culinary talent, she purchased a food cart and began A Taste of the Philippines. In addition to running her own business, Kathy works with Larimer Catering whenever her assistance is needed.

Mark White – Mark is a New York native who has been enjoying the fun and sun in Denver for many years. He provides deliveries, wait service and event photography for Larimer Catering. In addition, Mark is the owner of Bit by Bit Analytics which helps businesses avert data communication disasters.